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I try to use a bit of edgy humor to get folks to take the Red Pill, but the truth of the matter is that the current political situation in America is far from funny. We are more divided than at any time since the Civil War, and I suspect things will only get worse in the next few years. Yes, we were extremely fortunate that Trump won in 2016, and we can hope that he pulls it off again in 2020...but if and when the left regains power, there will be hell to pay. You think those rabid libtards who have been screaming bloody murder since Trump was elected will just settle down if their side resumes power? Not a fucking chance, maties, they will come after us with everything they have. Put on your war faces, lads, thar is a storm a brewin'.

The left will be empowered a thousand times over, and they will seek revenge, have no doubt of that. The anti-white, anti-male, anti-straight, anti-Christian, anti-American rhetoric in the media will flourish, and the Thought Police will criminalize any dissent. Right-wing agenda will be blacklisted by all social media; they'll offer just one flavor of ice cream, and you'll have no choice but to eat it. You can kiss your guns goodbye, as the Second Amendment will be ripped from the Constitution. Kids will be taught in school that there are 14 different genders, and 10 year-olds will be able to decide which one they want to be. The borders will be wide open, and hordes of brown savages from shit-hole countries will flood into America. No Wall, no punishment of Sanctuary Cities, no deportations, no immigration reform. Eventually, illegals will be given citizenship and  the right to vote, and we'll never, ever,  see another conservative Republican President again.

The 2020 election could be a turning point though. What if Trump loses, but contests the results? With all the concern of rigged elections and foriegn interference, he could easily claim that the other side cheated and simply refuse to leave office. Just what would the left do I wonder, what COULD they do? I honestly believe that if push came to shove, the military would stand behind Trump, some think that's why he has surrounded himself with retired Generals like Mattis and Kelly. And think about it...if you control the military, just who is going to physically remove you from the White House? Antifa verses the U.S. Marine Corps? That would be great entertainment, I'll make some popcorn and enjoy the slaughter on Fox News...maybe Sean Hannity can narrate.

Far-fetched? Maybe, but it sure is fun to think about.

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