It's a quiet weekday morning at the Obongo mansion in the ritzy Kalorama section of Washington DC, when suddenly...

"Whoooopa whoooopa whoooopa whoooopa whoooopa whoooopa"

Obongo hears the sound of helicopter rotors growing increasingly louder as he sits in his Kenyan-themed man-cave watching The View. Annoyed, he crushes out his Newport and hurries into the the living room where he finds his wife peering out the window.

"Hey, Big Mike...what the hell is all that noise? Sounds like a damned helicopter be landin' on da roof!"

Big Mike looks towards Obongo, fear is apparent in it's dull, simian-like eyes.

"It's a goddamned Blackhawk, Barry...and it be hovering over da backyard, be blowin' da lawn furniture all over da fuckin' place! I knew dat sumbitch Trump wuz gonna do sumthin' crazy like dis!"

Obongo walks over and looks for himself, much to his dismay he watches as members of SEAL Team Six rappel from the chopper and descend onto his property. He looks back up at the Blackhawk, and in the cockpit window he sees President Trump with a huge shit-eating grin on his face. Over the sound of the rotors, Obongo can hear strains of Wagner's Ride Of The Valkyries.