Hello, my name is Otto Von Eldridge, and my young nephew Caleb has been kind enough to help me share my stories with you. I've lived on Caleb's Island since my perilous journey here aboard U-420 at the end of the war, assigned to a small group of Waffen SS personal who escorted Hitler and Eva to this small uncharted isle, and at the prompting of my nephew I've decided to do this history column for his website. I call it Vergessene Geschlichte (Forgotten History), and I hope you'll find it both entertaining and educational.

One story I love to tell is that of your 41st President, George H W Bush. Many of you are already aware of the Bush family's involvement with Hitler's rise to power, but few know that George was attending school in Germany when the war broke out in '39. A mere lad of 16, he lied about his age and enlisted in the Luftwaffe, soon becoming a pilot and flying a Me-109 for the Fatherland. In June of '41, his unit (Jagdgeschwader 54), participated in Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia. George quickly became an ace and was promoted to Hauptmann, downing 18 enemy aircraft over the next 15 months, but on October 12th 1942 his luck ran out,  he was shot down by anti-aircraft fire and crash-landed in a wheat field near Stalingrad.


After being taken captive by the Red Army, Hauptmann Bush was transported to a POW camp in Volgograd. The Bush family learned of George's misfortune and pleaded with Hitler to rescue him. Realizing that he owed the Bush family a few favors, the Fuhrer summoned his best man for the job, SS-Obersturmbannführer Otto Skorzeny, who formulated a plan to parachute a small commando unit behind enemy lines in order to liberate the young pilot. It was a bold mission, and Skorzeny lost most of his men, but he managed to extricate Bush and get him safely back to Berlin.

By this time however, the tide had started to turn against Germany, and George realized that fighting for the losing side would do nothing good for his political ambitions down the road, so he returned to the United States, joined the Navy, and became a naval aviator. Flying a TBF Avenger torpedo bomber, which he lovingly named "Barbara's Bush" in honor of his young fiance, Bush was shot down a second time on September 2nd, 1944, this time by the Japanese. Bush heroically bailed out of the crippled aircraft, leaving his crew to perish as the Avenger nose-dived into the Pacific ...he bobbed helplessly in a life raft for several hours before being rescued by a submarine.

Greetings, maties! Tis the Captain here, taking dictation from my Uncle Otto Von Eldridge for his new column, Forgotten History. Rather ironic that the Benevolent Dictator of Caleb's Island is taking dictation, but Uncle Otto's English is a little sketchy so I thought it best to translate for him. My Uncle currently resides at the Nazi retirement home here on the island, Blitzkrieg Manor, and at 98, is the oldest resident. Otto served with distinction with the 2nd SS Panzer Division, he lost a leg and a testicle in the Battle Of Kursk, and he helped Hitler escape Berlin when it fell to the Russians in '45. He is a man with many stories to tell, and I wanted to make sure he shared them with the world before he died or his brain turned to mush like Joe Biden's.

Here is his first in the series...the true tale of George H W Bush and his little-known service with the Luftwaffe between September 1939 and October 1942;


Somehow, Bush's family turned the unfortunate incident into an act of valor and got him a good job with the OSS, the forerunner of today's CIA. He went on to become your president in 1989, making him the first ever Luftwaffe fighter ace to become President of the United States. Talk about breaking the old glass ceiling, eh?

And that, mein kameraden, is the REST of the story.

Obergruppenführer Otto Von Eldridge,
2nd SS Panzer Division (retired)