Oh sure...it MAY look like a willy-nilly hodgepodge of fucked-up memes, but each of the images below is a bizarre, edgy, story in the making (or in some cases, already existing, but being overhauled). Ya see, over the past 3 years I created a lot of weird little pages and later tossed them into the closet when I got tired of looking at 'em. Some were pretty good I thought, others so-so, but they all had a good basic premise...it seemed a shame to just shit-can them. Sooooo, I decided to redo some of the better ones, and this will eventually be my "archive" page. It won't be overnight, not unless I start doing meth again, but one day those pics will be linked to the stories that are in some cases still fermenting in my fevered imagination. I probably won't do a shitload of pics for all of 'em, as that's by far and large the most time-consuming part, but I'll focus more on the writing aspect. Maybe a couple will actually be funny, and even if you're unfortunate enough to be black, Jewish, or female, please realize that it's all tongue-in-cheek. While some have described me as as a well-versed, intellectually honest, articulate conspiracy-driven right-wing white supremacist nutcase, my stuff is strictly satirical. The old Captain targets everyone with his singing barbs and caustic wit, even right-wing Trumpster zealots like myself, and I'm a firm believer in that old adage; fuck ya if ya can't take a joke. That's the whole problem with political-correctness, no one can laugh at themselves anymore...we all really need to lighten the fuck up. Regardless of your race, religion, or gender, be sure to check out this page whenever you visit captaincaleb.com, I'll indicate which links are functioning with a "splash" icon when they become active. Be patient, and remember I'm not getting paid for this shit (not until the Onion gives me a job...STILL waiting, and not getting any younger), so you'll get it when I get good and fucking ready.