The Captain's "Views On The News"

Barr says it looks like a suicide. Oh sure, he found some "irregularities" at Manhattan MCC and shit-canned the warden, but that's about it folks...the official story will be that there was no assassination or "body swap". I had some hope that it was gonna go deeper than that when Trump retweeted that black YouTube "comedian" who pointed the finger at the Clintons, but the next day he flooded his Twitter account with 48 non-related retweets and buried it. A couple of days later the black dude deleted the video, so it's now gone entirely. When Trump was asked what he was implying by posting the video in the first place, he played it off as something like "we just have to consider all the possibilities". That's when I realized it was probably gonna turn into another Warren Commission smoke and mirror kind of bullshit. "Yup, just one magic bullet fired by a lone-wolf gunman that bounced around and caused half a dozen wounds...that's our story and we're sticking with it".

I've been in a Fed SHU cell, and I have first-hand knowledge of what it's like and how things work. I wasn't at Manhattan MCC that night, but I can tell ya it sure as fuck doesn't add up.

Personally, I'm convinced that the Clinton crime family had Epstein whacked, most likely by recruiting the two guards who were watching the SHU pod that night. They both took 3 hour naps at the same time? I could see two very tired guys agreeing to taking turns at a short siesta, so one could wake the other if a shift-supervisor should happen to stop by, but why the fuck would they BOTH take their nappy-time simultaneously? Fed CO's aren't the sharpest knives in the drawer, but that would take a special kind of stupid.

The biggest clue that this was a hit is that Epstein was left alone in that SHU cell...they have bunk beds for a reason, because you're much less likely to try to kill yourself with a cellmate. We know they pulled Epstein's cellie out the night before his death (for unknown reasons), leaving a man who just came off suicide watch alone in a cell with a steel-frame bunk bed that you could tie a bed-sheet noose to. It's possible that the guards didn't actually strangle Epstein, but maybe they provided him the perfect opportunity to off himself and relayed a message from the outside that if he was still alive in the morning everyone he cared about (Ghislaine, his brother, etc) would be tortured and killed in a slow, painful manner.

The other possibility is that these chaps disabled the cameras, and then just waltzed into to Epstein's cell in the wee hours of the morning. One guy squeezed his neck like Homer Simpson throttling Bart, while the other dude rigged the noose...pose the corpse properly, and you've got your average everyday prison cell suicide. Move along folks, nothing here to see.

While there were dozens of people who wanted Epstein dead, the Clintons are at the top of the suspect list. For one thing, I don't think Hillary has given up on the idea of running for president, Epstein would have obviously been a problem there. You simply can't become president with a husband under indictment for child-rape in the MeToo era. Even if that wasn't the actual motivation, they still had plenty of reasons to want this guy silenced, and they have the money and criminal mentality to orchestrate a hit like this.

I'll say it one last time...Epstein is dead, and I have very little doubt that the Clintons were responsible for it. Yeah, maybe I'm asking for a visit in the middle of the night myself, but if I get whacked it will only be that much more evidence that they did it, and hopefully some conspiracy-theorists will follow up on it. For the record, I'm in relatively good health and not at all suicidal...I if should suddenly go silent, don't let my death be in vain.