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Kamala Harris; Obama With A Vagina

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Epstein, and the deepest rabbit hole ever...

Deep and twisted is the rabbit hole, and it looks like if you go down deep enough you end up in Israel...


Fake passport with a Saudi address.

Adnan Khashoggi.

Child sex trafficking.

Huge names in DC and Hollywood.



This is obviously much more than just a billionaire pervert and his buddies satiating their sick lust for underage girls; it's the biggest, ugliest can of worms we could ever imagine. Just Epsteins's wealth raises big questions...this guy came from a middle class background and dropped out of college, but somehow became one of the richest men in the fucking world. Now we learn he was working for Adnan Khashoggi (uncle of the slain "journalist") back in the 80s, a known international arms dealer and billionaire with connections to Mossad and the CIA. During this time, Epstein carried an Austrian passport under someone else's name and showing him living in Saudi's all shit that proves Epstein was running with the big dogs, and this was 30 years ago. Epstein was "hooked up", and the slap on the wrist prison sentence he got last time he got caught is undeniable evidence that he had low friends in high places. This is why Acosta resigned...he was told to take the rap so there wouldn't be any further questions as to the handling of that case.

Lolita Island was the ultimate blackmail honeypot, Mossad funded it, and Epstein ran it for them like a guy running a sleazy whorehouse (but on a much grander scale). There's no better blackmail material than pictures of a middle-aged man banging a 13 year old...once you get something like that on a guy he belongs to you forever. Israel had a LOT of big names in DC in their pocket thanks to Epstein and a lot of hidden cameras on his little island.

Now the question is how far down the rabbit hole will the investigation actually go? How far do they DARE go? There's always a lot of reluctance to blame Israel for anything it seems...there's little doubt that they played some role in 911 (maybe all of it), but that got swept under the rug quickly. Would we ever go so far as to expose Mossad's involvement in the Epstein case? This is when it turns into a serious matter of international politics; an important, longtime "ally" that we constantly praise was trying to stab us in the back while smiling to our face and taking BILLIONS of dollars in aid from us every year. What do you do with a situation like that? We also have to consider how Israel-friendly Trump is...I love the guy, but I really think he listens too much to that shifty-eyed Hebe son-in-law of his. I think ultimately it'll be up to Trump as to how far this goes, however it turns out it's going to be a lot of fun to watch.


OK...still working on this, it'll concern Kamala Harris and how the media is preparing to transform her into another Obama. Biden is too old, too white, and too male for their liking, and you can already see them swooning for Kamala. I'll be working on this story for the next day or two, so be sure to check back later. Oh, as far as that frightening photoshop above, it's the best I could's not easy trying to morph Harris and the jug-eared chimp, and admittedly it came out kind of creepy looking. Sorry if it causes any nightmares.