Hogan's Heroes ended its 6-year run on CBS in April 1971. The last episode was scheduled to air on April 15, 1971, but it was shelved by studio executives and loyal viewers of the show never learned the fate of the hilarious men of Stalag 13.

Recently the lost last episode was discovered in the Viacom library. Titled "The Final Solution," the episode featured black & white footage as an homage to the classic film, Judgment at Nuremberg. Its usual laugh track was excluded, and the story featured only war trial footage and a grisly execution scene as the final credits rolled. The show was thought too serious by CBS studio chiefs to air in the time slot immediately before the newly popular Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour.

Here are some stills from that lost episode:

Col. Klink explains to the judges that he was only following orders from General Burkhalter, testifying that he truly believed that the Zyklon B was only used for delousing purposes, and that the ovens were only used to bake bread.

Sgt. Shultz meets with his court-appointed counsel and learns that his defense of "I heard nothing...I saw nothing" probably isn't going to spare him from the hangman's noose at Nuremberg.

Col. Hogan testifies that he and his men were only spared from the gas chamber by using their cunning and wits, and how they were tortured by their Geman captors. His testimony was sufficient to find both Klink and Shultz guilty of war crimes.

Corporal Newkirk (who would go on to become a famous game show host) and Col. Hogan reflect as Klink and Shultz swing from the gallows at Nuremberg.