I found this on a well-known social media board, it's lengthy, but everyone needs to take a couple of minutes and read it. It's exactly what I think is happening, but this chap really spells it out nicely...way better that I ever could. Please read it, and think about it...especially #4.


Lots of chatter these last few days...




Thing is, Watergate was small compared to this operation. Watergate took 22 months from the "break in" to a conviction of the "Plumbers" -- This is totally different. This is high-levels arrests, household names, probably a couple dozen just for starters, and more following. The signs that it is coming are everywhere. IT IS HAPPENING. This has been in planning for decades. My Proof:




1) VERY early in his administration, Trump quietly started the half BILLION expansion to Gitmo. It includes a hospital and courthouse. Those running The Plan knew it would take time to build. Completion is mid 2019, although it is being done in phases and roll-out is incremental. Some new sections are already being used. Truth be told, after all his rhetoric about closing Gitmo, Obama started the expansion at the end of his 2nd term (for Hillary to fill up with us dissidents), but Trump ramped it up...bigly.

2) Trumps Executive Order March 2018--updating the laws for trying civilians in Military Courts takes effect 1/1/19... Oh Ya, that is not an accident. Remember Lindsey Graham's odd questions to Kavanaugh about "enemy combatants" being tried in military courts...under the "law of armed conflict"... Now we have a 5-4 conservative majority in the Supreme Court, Kavanaugh would most likely be the swing vote if that were to come before the court soon. (It will, and that's why "they" fought Kavanaugh's confirmation tooth and nail)

3) Trumps Executive Order on Dec 20, 2017 allowing confiscation of assets etc re human trafficking and CORRUPTION. On August 15th, the Treasury released a 1,172 page Report detailing the first list of "Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List". He is removing their ability to fight back. That same E.O. also made it a federal crime for any US citizen to give aid to any of those with confiscations. Sanctions for Countries or foreign nationals were also spelled out This E.O. granted the Treasury the power to confiscate money internationally. Investigations are still underway, these people know how to hide assets, so this takes time.

4) The way I see it -- The 2016 election was a soft Military Coup--face it, most republicans never expected Trump to win. We really have no idea how that came about. No other President EVER has had so many military people in their cabinet. Mostly Marines. It is my belief that we have an undeclared Junta. Trump is the front man, the token civilian--for optics--but really just a small part in this mammoth operation.

5) Obama pardoned everyone for all their crimes during his administration. The bad actors had to be given rope and allowed to commit new crimes after Trump took office.. Federal crimes. Capital crimes. RICO, etc. See the theory on Obama's Secret Pardons HEREPNG

6) The 55,000 indictments. The number is staggering and unprecedented. I don't believe all will be unsealed, our country does not have the resources to handle that many indictments, arraignments, trials, etc. All defendants would just have to demand their right to a speedy trial and the system would be overwhelmed -- but rest assured those sealed indictments are powerful leverage to get people to turn states evidence against those higher up in the food chain.

7) --Related to #6 - All the Resignations in Congress and the Senate. Have to be pretty bad Sealed indictment charges and evidence shown in private interviews, that would cause over 10% of Congress & Senators to decide to Retire. Never happened before in history. They're getting pulled into a room, one by one, and told. ...Look, here's what we've got on you, here are your choices

8) TRUST SESSIONS. Sessions nickname is "The Silent Executioner", he is known for being stealthy. His barking about marijuana is to throw people off track, He's been very busy. He appointed John Huber as his lead federal prosecutor to work with the DOJ Inspector General Horowitz, and has access to that department's 470 investigators. Huber has had a Grand Jury impaneled in (RED) Utah for over a year. [Q stated on 9/17/17 Drop #250 at Patriots Fight **"activate ]Sessions"** which starts the [arrest] phase of The Plan. Remember, Sessions was in Utah about a week ago, photo of him WITH Huber released, I'm sure finalizing the roll-out of this next phase,

9) LASTLY - General Flynn was giving a speech couple weeks back, He was being very cryptic, with no explanation, started talking about the fact we have had an insurgency, and are in a war, it's "irregular warfare" and it's being fought by "Digital Soldiers".
(It left little doubt that General Flynn is part of QTeam)

ADDENDUM - #10) The record number of federal judicial appointments by Trump. You can't take a case, no matter how good, to a corrupt judge and expect to win. Add to that the Kavanaugh hysteria...

This is the largest sting operation ever conducted in our nation's history. Thousands of military personnel are involved. At literally every juncture, plans have to be reviewed and modified based on public perceptions and deep state reaction.

IF arrests happen before midterms, it will be about 7-10 days beforehand for maximum effect. I think they want to wait till after if accurate polls show an inevitable red wave. From our vantage, we have no way of knowing how it's looking. I don't believe a single thing I hear on MSM (remember when they told us Trump had a 10% chance of winning so we wouldn't bother voting?), and even FOX doesn't have the whole story. Hannity is "read-in" on certain aspects of the plan it seems, and is also playing his part, but he's really only a small cog in a very large machine.


Hillary must be shitting in her $3500 pantsuit right about now. Every time the enormous crowds at the rallies (EVERY rally) start chanting "lock her up", Trump just gives a devilish grin and and closes his eyes, as if he's mentally picturing that bitch in leg-irons, boarding the ship for Gitmo with a one-way ticket...maybe even tripping and falling on the gangplank and being kicked and dragged aboard by surly Marines. I'm getting a boner...


Yours in Christ,

Captain Caleb Eldridge
Benevolent Dictator,
Caleb's Island