Remember the golden age of VHS porn? Sure, VHS had it's drawbacks, but back in the day it was all we had, and adjusting the tracking and rewinding the tape seemed to be minor inconveniences as long as the porn was good. Unfortunately, most of the customers at Sal's Pizza & Adult Video have upgraded to DVD players in recent years, and as a result my rental business has slowed dramatically. Reluctanly, we've been forced to switch over to DVD rentals, and in order to recoup some of our investment we're selling all our old VHS porn at rock-bottom prices. There's a little of everything; teens, BBWs, bondage, midgets, I think there's even a few gay ones in there if you're into that sort of thing. Some of these tapes may be spattered with semen from prior use, and while this should not effect their functionality in any manner you may want to spray them with Lysol and/or wear rubber gloves before handling. C'mon down and grab a few of these classics, and get a tasty pizza or sub while your here!