The "impeachment inquiry" is a preemptive smokescreen for the huge bombshells ahead, one of which is the release of the FISA-abuse investigation in a few days...something that likely leads all the way up to the jug-eared chimp. He knew exactly what was going on, he knew every little detail and he quietly condoned it. His worst nightmare was Trump somehow beating Hillary, so anything that helped prevent that was fine by him. Obama was fully aware that Trump would drag huge skeletons out of the closet, and a lot of them would be pointing their bony fingers in his direction. He was desperate for Hillary to win so she could make those skeletons vanish for all eternity, her victory was imperative.

Then they lose.


They knew they had to get Trump out of the White House before he could do any real damage, and I'm certain they considered assassination, but probably feared the repercussions. Pulling a JFK on Trump would result in massive civil unrest, and it would be too obvious as to who was responsible. So impeachment was the next option, and knowing that would take time, the game-plan was to keep blasting Trump with fabricated scandals so as to keep him on the defensive. The biggest one was of course the Mueller investigation, that kept Trump in the corner for over two years, and all the while they threw shit like pussy-grabbing, Stormy Daniels, child-rape, and tax scandals into the mix...anytime Trump so much as farted they had something new to blow out of proportion.

The Dem's reaction to the phone call is laughable to us because we see how fucking ridiculous it is, but the tens of million of libtard sheep who watch CNN and MSNBC are eating this nonsense up. It's a classic example of Trump Derangement Syndrome with the Never-Trump crowd frothing at the mouth as Rachel Maddow dangles a juicy piece of meat in their faces in her usual dramatic's perfect sorta shit to whip up into a media smokescreen that provides cover for everything else going on. It's also a perfect example of how the MSN works hand-in-hand with the Dems.

What it amounts to is Trump is getting terribly close to fucking all these people up, hard, and they need to create as much noise as possible so no one can hear him. I think the mention of that mysterious server and CrowdStrike in the phone transcripts scared the living fuck outta them, and the spin-doctors knew they had to quickly distract the public from that part of the story. BOOM...let's make Trump the bad guy and scream for impeachment...that'll tie up the news-cycle for months, right up until the election!

The tremendous amount of energy they're expending on this really says it all...Trump has some serious MOABs in his arsenal, and I think we're gonna learn a whole lot of shit in weeks to come. Keep in mind however, this is the sort of situation that somehow prompts people to go nuts and shoot up Walmarts or biggest concern is that these fuckers will take out more innocent people in headline-grabbing false flags. Be safe out there.