Juicy Smollett Sues Chicago

Greta Gets Her First Tattoo

Why Can't We Be Friends?

A Little About Food Stamps

Well, this is the basic idea, a way to archive my Voat posts and make them accessible to folks who may have missed them during their brief lifespan on the board. Voat is fucked up like that, most posts fade into obscurity in a couple of hours, and a lot of time it's because they're downvoted by the resident trolls who think they own the board. Granted, some of my stuff is pretty disposable, but I feel at least some of it's worth preserving for posterity.  Sometimes I'll just recreate the post as a page on this site, but that's time-consuming and rather pointless when I can simply link to the original. Some of these are one-liner quickies, others are  little skits and short stories...some are serious, some are fun, some are good, some suck...dig through 'em and you'll probably find something ya like. And to the little cunts who downvoted this shit on the board, I suggest you go eat a big bag of dicks and while I sodomize your dirty whore of a mother.


The Captain

The Captain Finds His Calling

Yeah, This Is Normal...